Medtronic Transforming Diabetes Care into Value-based Care Delivery

Written by: Sue Willman,‎ VP Global Integrated Care Solutions – ‎Medtronic Diabetes

A movement is underway to transform the healthcare system by shifting the focus from volume to value. So-called value-based healthcare — reimbursement on the basis of patient outcomes rather than volume of interventions or treatments — should allow a shift in spending from acute interventions when problems arise, to improving and innovating around the management of chronic diseases like diabetes.

Medtronic is contributing to this transformation by broadening our traditional product-focused business model to a holistic solution model that systematically improves value. Medtronic is focusing both on technology innovation and on developing and nurturing holistic solutions to enable and deliver better diabetes care.

Diabetes represents one of the biggest challenges to the healthcare system given its exponential growth, the cost to manage the disease and its impact on people’s lives. 

This is where our partnership with Canary Health, a leading provider of proven digital health self-management programs that prevent the progression of chronic diseases, comes into play. For a more comprehensive and integrated approach to care, we are expanding our diabetes care offerings with Canary Health’s chronic disease self-management programs, which address pre-diabetes, diabetes, and diabetes-related comorbidities. These programs include their CDC-recognized Diabetes Prevention Program, Virtual Lifestyle Management (VLM), and their self-management program for chronic diseases, Better Choices, Better Health.

For more information on Better Choices, Better Health, read the Huffpost article on the program.

If you’d like more information on Medtronic’s Integrated Care Solutions, please contact Jim Seles.

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