Meet our New Virtual Lifestyle Management Coaches

We’re excited to announce our 7 new Virtual Lifestyle Management Coaches hailing from six different states.   They’re all highly qualified individuals with a variety of health professional backgrounds, experiences and certifications.

Beth Casey Gold | Pittsburgh, PA

Beth’s career choice of a registered dietitian nutritionist over 20 years ago led her to the world of behavioral weight management in the corporate setting and the research arena. In her roles, Beth gained considerable experience providing sales demonstrations for related services and products. Beth’s expertise as a dietitian has provided her opportunities to coach many people in lifestyle change for weight management. Beth looks forward to working as a VLM coach and says, “I think an online platform like VLM provides an effective way to integrate knowledge and accountability into their daily routine.” Beth tries not to take herself too seriously and feels that quality helps her be a very available and compassionate coach.

Beth Wilcox | Portland, ME

Working as a registered nurse for 25 years has given Beth opportunities to work in a variety areas, including patient care, management, and self-management support. Her many years in facilitating self-management programs and training others to do so includes her work as facilitator for Canary Health’s self-management programs. Beth now works in care management for Maine Health Accountable Care Organization. As for becoming a VLM coach, Beth says, “I had a desire to work more ‘permanently’ in online patient support. I love technology and find it rewarding to work with participants and patients online.” Beth loves taking her granddaughter to horseback riding lessons so much that she stepped outside her comfort zone by taking riding lessons so she could enjoy the activity with her.

Jen Matthews | Westlake Village, CA

Jen says, “My professional life has followed a path of organic learning since childhood.” This path led her first to a career as a professional dancer. After sustaining many injuries, Jen’s professional focus turned to health and well-being at which time she became a personal trainer. This work inspired her to help people do even more for themselves and she discovered the field of coaching. As a professional coach since 2008, Jen has worked with many types of clients in a variety of settings. She provides accountability combined with unconditional support to help her clients discover and go beyond what they think is possible. She is attracted to the scientifically-based efficacy and positive results that VLM provides. Following her passion for personal development and self-care, Jen’s professional path continues as a VLM coach.

Jenell Pluskota | Jacksonville, FL

In 2000, Jenell worked in health promotion and public health education for the U.S. Navy. There, she co-created a digital evidenced-based exercise and lifestyle program. This work launched her career as a registered dietitian nutritionist, wellness specialist, and health coach. Jenell has since worked in private and public institutions to engage clients and patients to achieve optimal health and well-being. As a VLM coach, she looks forward helping people meet their personal wellness goals and feel great. Jenell says, “The journey is different for each person and I love how each story unwinds as they journey toward success.” Jenell is an artist who enjoys working with metal. She has learned to weld, so she can weld metal sculptures.

Renee Foy | Racine, WI

As a recreational therapist with over 20 years’ experience, Renee has built her career around her interest in helping people discover healthy behavior change. As Coordinator, Health and Wellness Programs for the Kenosha County (WI) Aging and Disability Resource Center, Renee does just that. She holds certifications in several exercise and self-management programs, including Canary Health’s self-management programs. She looks forward to reaching more people through VLM’s online platform. A lifelong learner, Renee says, “I’ve spent my life doing and learning things that I’m interested in, that scare me, or that look difficult.” In her personal life, some of those things are scuba diving, rock climbing, and blacksmithing.

Dawn Sherr | Irvine, CA

As a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator, Dawn’s professional work has always involved helping individuals reach their health goals. Her commitment to diabetes education is demonstrated in all aspects of her work, including her many professional publications, as well as her role as an AADE (American Association of Diabetes Educators) Master Lifestyle Coach Trainer for the Diabetes Prevention Program. Dawn says, “Having the ability to reach so many people and connect with them in a flexible program that helps increase success” is what has drawn her to VLM. Dawn is an avid runner and has run 7 marathons in 5 different states and says Chicago is by far her favorite.

Sherry Massie | Yorktown, VA

With a passion for making a difference in people’s lives, Sherry became a registered nurse. Forty-one years later, as a public health nurse with the Virginia Department of Health, Sherry continues to follow her passion by facilitating in-person self-management programs, as well as Canary Health’s online self-management programs. “I’ve seen the difference and experienced the positive outcomes of participants. I know I am making I a real difference,” Sherry shares. “As a VLM coach, I’ll be able to support more people in preventing diabetes and improving their health.” Committed to nursing education, Sherry teaches future LPNs at a local college. She lives near the ocean and enjoys surf fishing and kayaking.

Would you or do you know someone who would make a great VLM coach? Comment below!


Or take a few minutes to get a closer look into how VLM works.  Watch our webinar with our partner Medtronic to learn more – or jump to 36 minutes in to get straight to VLM!

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  • Suzanne Diehl   Reply →

    I am interested in the VLC opportunity.
    Please send me info, etc for consideration.

    Thank you!

  • Rashida Pratt   Reply →

    Hello there!
    I am very interested in the VLC coach position! 🙂
    This would be my dream job! I have experience in wellness as I went to technical college to study whole based healthcare as a patient care associate.

    Is this a full time position? 🙂

    • Rashida Pratt   Reply →

      Oops I mean’t the VLM coach position 🙂 hehe!

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