The Power of Narrative in Healthcare: Everyone Needs a Story – Seattle – RSVP

The Power of Narrative in Healthcare: Everyone Needs a Story – Seattle

July 26, 2017 10am-2pm

Capacity is limited so reserve your spot now!

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The Science of Storytelling for Behavior Change

Go beyond the testimonial to understand the deep nature of storytelling in human culture, and how information is absorbed more efficiently through storytelling.  Isolate the key components of a story that inspire connection and action.

The Narrative Discipline in Healthcare

Get insights on the power of narrative in healthcare. Learn why the discipline of narrative medicine is being introduced to the next generation of health practitioners and the clinical evidence supporting the value of narrative in transforming health engagement.

Narrative:  A Tool for Behavior Change

Learn how to apply what you’ve learned as listener and storyteller in this dynamic and fun exercise:

  • Convert a conversation about a health behavior goal to a narrative
  • Harness the power of narrative to tap into intrinsic human motivation
  • Practice the power of listening to create more meaningful human connections


Contact Carrie Pittman with any questions.