Whole Person Healthcare

Successful behavior change results from self-managing chronic conditions in addition to managing an individual’s mindset and life system. At risk populations share a common disease trajectory of compounding chronic conditions, and a common need for health self-management. Self-management programs teach self-confidence techniques so people can improve daily function, reduce pain and develop the skills to manage their conditions and their lives.

Lifestyle – Virtual Lifestyle Management™ is a CDC recognized digital Diabetes Prevention Program treating pre-diabetes and diabetes

This year-long digital lifestyle change and weight loss intervention program has proven to change lives through goal setting, planning and tracking techniques, a group dynamic and personal health coaching.

Conditions – exclusive digital provider of Stanford University’s chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP)

This six week online workshop addresses chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, depression and pain with guided lessons, group discussions and peer facilitators.

Stress – bLife StressCare™ is a stress management and resilience training program

This self-paced mobile tool engages consumers through psychological assessments, interactive mindfulness exercises, mood monitoring and tracking and social support to contribute to the health of the whole person.

Caregivers – exclusive provider of Stanford University’s Building Better Caregivers™ program

Non-professional caregivers are often the most overlooked contributor to an individual’s improved health. This six week online workshop provides non-professional caregivers with guided lessons and group discussions to improve the quality of care they provide, improving quality of life.



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