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    Behavior Change for Life.

    Virtual Lifestyle Management provides tools, skills and support to improve health and enrich quality of life.

    How it Works
    Behavior Change for Life.

Virtual Lifestyle Management is Not a Diet

It’s a lifestyle self-management program for lasting change. VLM empowers participants to commit to and make small changes over the course of 1 year that can help lower A1C, keep weight off for the long-term and improve overall health and well-being.

16 weekly, followed by 8 monthly self-guided lessons with 24/7 group support.

A tailored experience designed to fit your individual lifestyle and personal health goals.

Proactive coaching from trained health coaches in a private and secure environment.

Pedometer, digital scale, tracking tools, fat counter book and offline technical support.

How it Works

Canary Health. 60,000 Lives Living Better


69 years old | Lost 30 pounds
Got his dream job back
“People are healed physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I didn’t realize how important it was going to be to lose this weight.”


74 years old | Lost 80 pounds
Got his retirement back
“If you can improve your health, it will automatically improve your attitude. When your attitude improves, your health improves, your relationships improve, and I credit VLM for turning that around.”



28 years old | Lost 40 pounds

Got her energy back
“I have more energy. I don't get upset as easily. I have 2 little kids and even my house is clean now! I'm pretty excited about it.”



56 years old | Lost 35 pounds

Got his health back
"The program taught me enough that I can now control my own weight. Looking back on it, I used to live to eat. Now I eat to live."

VLM for Prediabetes

A CDC-recognized diabetes prevention program. Canary Health has been a leader in diabetes prevention and works with partners such as Kaiser Permanente, Providence, Oregon Educators Benefits Board, and many others.

Our Self-Management Support Platform

VLM is built on Canary Health’s self-management platform. Decades of research and development have led to a profound step forward in empowering and enabling self-management.

Delivers a consumer experience with group support focused on the entire user journey.

Manages connections to IoT devices on a technology-enabled services.

Provides an efficient coach interface for an optimal user experience.

Ensures your private data remains private with seamless operations support

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Bring VLM to Your Organization

We partner with health plans, healthcare providers and employers to empower self-management with the digital tools, group support and coaching that put individuals back at the center of their health journey. Through these partnerships, our behavior change intervention platform is offered at no cost to participants. Participant identities remain anonymous and their data secure.

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