Fighting Fire with…Small, Simple Lifestyle Changes

Tina smiles when she thinks back on her days as a law major. A daily runner at the time, she found herself nodding off during her law classes and leaning in during her health courses. That’s when she decided to switch majors and pursue her passion for health. She never looked back.

Earning a Master’s in Exercise Physiology and a Bachelor’s in Health Promotion, she had the credentials, experience and passion needed to coach participants of Canary Health’s Virtual Lifestyle Management program. VLM is a digital diabetes prevention program that helps patients recognize health as a character in their life story, and provide the support tools needed to rewrite their story. Tina recalls one of those personal coaching stories. A VLM participant we’ll call Joe had tried to pass the firefighters’ test – and failed – 5 years running.

“VLM has always been my philosophy: A non-diet approach to life and lifestyle changes. We work with people and help them make small and simple changes to their lifestyle. We try to get them moving and eating more healthfully.”

Getting to know patients like Joe through the secure messages or notes taken within the program allows Tina to learn about her patients and customize her coaching for each individual, an experience she finds truly rewarding. She brightens when she reveals how things turned out for Joe. “At 55 years old, he lost the weight and passed the firefighters’ test. He was so excited. And that makes my day.”

Do you have the passion, training and experience to counsel adults with, or at risk for diabetes?

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