Learn how real people improved their health with "Better Choices, Better Health"

Learn how real people improved their health with Better Choices, Better Health

Watch our free webinar, “Better Choices, Better Health: Real Stories of Inspiration” broadcast on Wednesday, Dec 7th.

Be inspired by real stories from real people just like you living with chronic conditions. Learn how they improved their health by participating in Better Choices, Better Health®, 6 week online program.

Dr. Neal Kaufman, Chief Medical Officer of Canary Health, will ask BCBH graduates Kelle and Muriel to share their struggles living with chronic conditions and how they overcame them.


  • Why managing your own health with a guided online program can make all the difference in your quality of life
  • How others like you have used a self-management program to make positive, lasting changes in their lives
  • What tools an online self-management can provide you to improve your health
  • How to enroll and what to expect from Better Choices, Better Health

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