Podcast: The Role of Technology in Chronic Disease Management

Our CEO Adam Kaufman talks to Katherine Steinberg VP of Avalere Health about The Role of Technology in Chronic Disease Management.

“In this podcast, we discuss the role of technology in chronic disease management with Adam Kaufman, CEO of Canary Health. Canary Health is a leading digital health self-management platform which has demonstrated success in helping people achieve improved health while lowering healthcare costs. We explore how the right technological solutions can empower patients to take control of their health, improve outcomes, and reduce costs to the system.”

– Katherine Steinberg

Adam Kaufman, CEO of Canary Health

“First, I think like all of us in healthcare, you have to  believe in what you’re doing and be committed to helping people. It’s not easy to do that at scale and make impact, so it was largely that. I think like a lot of us who are trying to innovate in this space, you have to have faith that the world will catch up to your ideas. We’re not fully there yet. There’s a lot of work still to be done, but we take some pride in seeing that over time, more and more people are accepting these ideas, and we’re able to impact more and more people.”

– Adam Kaufman, CEO of Canary Health

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