Self-care and Diabetes: How I Flipped the Script

I’ve had Type 2 diabetes for 9.5 years.

I have advanced degrees.  I have achieved a lot in my life, but I didn’t feel like a winner because –  outside of those accomplishments – my inner self knew I wasn’t doing that well. I wasn’t guaranteeing myself longevity.

My goal was weight loss and behavior modification.  I had tried other programs and lost some weight, but what was critical about Better Choices, Better Health® was the support:  Support from the participants, support from the facilitators and support from the materials.  They see you follow through on your action plans and celebrate when you do.  BCBH requires you to do more than other programs, and If you read the material, study and participate you get a better result. The material and facilitators – everything about the program –  was high quality.  I’m much more active now and have lost more weight than ever before.  Not only that, the program was fun and enjoyable because I learned something new every week.

Better Choices, Better Health is a total program.

It includes reading, discussing, questioning and above all establishing goals and objective in a systematic methodology that will result in a healthier you.  You make better choices for yourself.   You are helped by good facilitators.   You interact with other people and find some who have far more difficult circumstances than you do – so it inspires you to share with them and to act yourself to improve your health.  The entire program is top notch.

I just got back from the dietician and I have lost 45 pounds…

…and that in large part is because of BCBH.  All 20 of my recent lab tests were normal. My diabetes and arthritis are under good control or in remission. Life can be so good!

Contact us to find out how your population can benefit from Better Choices, Better Health to achieve outcomes like George’s, or click on one of the links below to review the health outcomes of the program in the largest peer-reviewed study-to-date of a digital health self-management program.

*For the most recent updates to the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) study regarding health outcomes at the 12 month mark, click here.

**For the third study done which shows the decreased utilization and cost-savings outcomes for the same program based on a 12 month study, click here.


You can also check out this Huffington Post article on the program.

…or get inspired hearing more BCBH success stories here.

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