A Lifestyle Change Story: VLM Participant Vic

I’m finishing a call as the email from Vic arrives.  “I have time for the next half-hour.  If that works just give me a call”, he has written.  The week is coming to end, Friday afternoon, and I am anxious to hear more of Vic’s story.  The little he had shared on our general satisfaction survey was compelling:


I’m 51, I had high blood pressure and I was pre-diabetic… A friend from work told me about VLM.  I was a person who used to eat pringles, candy bars, and lots of sugary fruit… I was 393 pounds.  Now I’m 279 – I’ve lost 114 pounds… I feel a lot better.


I dial as quickly as I can.


“Life catches up with you,” Vic begins in answer to my question of why Virtual Lifestyle Management (VLM).  “I was diagnosed with arthritis in my hip.  And the doctor says, ‘I have a couple things to tell you.  You’re not ready for surgery, and I wouldn’t do it, even if you were, because you’re too heavy’. And he told me to lose weight.  I found VLM after my friend’s suggestion, through my health plan’s wellness offerings.  And I can tell you, since they covered the full cost, the price was certainly right.”


I am finding Vic very compelling.  He is honest and direct and good natured about both his challenges and his opportunities.  “What made VLM work for you?” I ask.  “It’s literally a lifestyle change.  I stay away from bread, sugar – I spend a good deal of time looking for foods without sugar that are acceptable tasting.” Vic responds and we share a small laugh that “acceptable tasting” is the goal.  “For exercise – I don’t do the gym, and no running but I do walk a lot.” He admits to me.  “And now I track everything using VLM – that really makes the difference for me.  No lying about it.”


“What advice would you offer to someone struggling with their weight and their lifestyle?” I ask.


“Bottom line,” he says “this is really hard.  You just have to set your mind to it. And, weekends are tough!” He says laughing and then pauses; he continues, “But VLM… The lessons are very good, and messaging with the coach – every time I ask a question I get an answer right away.”


“Listen, I’m 51 years-old.  The house is almost paid off.  I’m not a millionaire, but I have a truck and a quad in the garage and I consider myself semi-retired.  And I had to do this for me…”


Vic is compelling!  “And a quad is an ATV?” I ask and he confirms.


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